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By Dwight Goddard

An advent to Zen Buddhism.

Published via Beacon Press, fifth printing, 1996.

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And which are these four? There the disciple lives in contemplation of the Body, in contemplation of Feeling, in contemplation of the Mind, in contemplation of Phenomena, ardent, clearly conscious and at­ tentive, after putting away worldly greed and grief. 48 SELECTIONS FROM PALI SOURCES 1. Contemplation of the Body. But how does the disciple dwell in the contemplation of the body? There the disciple retires to the forest, to the foot of a tree, or to a solitary place, sits himself down, with legs crossed, body erect, and with attentiveness fixed before him.

T h e disciple knows when there is Attentiveness in him; when there is Investigation of the Law in him; when there is En­ thusiasm in him; when there is Tranquillity in him; when there is Concentration in him; when there is Equanimity in him. He knows when it is not in him; knows how it comes to arise, and how it is fully developed. And further: the disciple dwells in contemplation of the phenomena, namely of the Four Noble Truths. He knows ac­ cording to reality, what Suffering is; knows according to reality, what the Origin of suffering is; knows according to reality, what the Extinction of suffering is; knows according to reality, what the Path is, that leads to the extinction of suffering.

Now, in understanding wrong action as wrong, and right action as right, one practises Right Understanding; and in mak­ ing efforts to overcome wrong action, and to arouse right action, one practises Right Effort; and in overcoming wrong action with attentive mind, and dwelling with attentive mind in pos­ session of right action, one practises Right Attentiveness. Hence, there are three things that accompany and follow upon right action, namely: right understanding, right effort, and right attentiveness.

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