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By William Butler Yeats, George M. Harper, Walter K. Hood

ISBN-10: 0333212991

ISBN-13: 9780333212998

1925. Contents: a packet for Ezra Pound; tales of Michael Robartes and his pals: an extract from a list made through his students; levels of moon; nice wheel; accomplished image; soul in judgment; nice 12 months of ancients; dove or swan; all soul's evening, an epilogue. With many figures and illustrations.

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I had all through my early life periods of pleasure, or at least of excitement, that alternated with periods of asceticism. I went from Paris to Rome, and from Rome to Vienna, in pursuit of a ballet dancer, and in Vienna we quarrelled. I tried to forget my sorrow in wine, but in a few weeks I had tired of that, and then, with some faint stirring of the old interest I went to Cracow, partly because of its fame as a centre of printing, but more I think because Dr. Dee and his friend Edward Kelly had in Cracow practised alchemy and scrying.

In Book II is described the geometrical foundation of this symbolism and of the other characters of the wheel. When one uses the phases, in popular exposition or for certain symbolic purposes, one considers full Sun as merely the night when there is no moon, and in representing any phase visibly one makes the part which is not lunar dark. The 12 ary describes the colloquial use of the word " objective " thus. " The volume of Murray's dictionary containing letter S is not yet published, but as " subjective " is the contrary to " objective " it needs no further definition.

But it is concrete if I say " a chair, a fire," and abstract if I but speak of it as the representative of a class—" the chair, the fire," etc. III THE PLACE OF THE FOUR FACULTIES ON THE WHEEL 10 15 20 25 30 A MAN whose Will is at Phase 17 will have his Creative Mind at Phase 13 and his Mask at Phase 3 and his Body of Fate at Phase 27; while a man whose Will is at Phase 3 would have all these positions exactly reversed. When Will is at Phase 15, Creative Mind is there also. On the other hand, when Will is at Phase 22, Will and Body of Fate are superimposed, while Creative Mind and Mask are superimposed at Phase 8.

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