A Giraffe Goes to Paris by Mary Tavener Holmes PDF

By Mary Tavener Holmes

Think a giraffe which could sail from Alexandria, Egypt, to Marseille, France, in a ship with a different gap for her neck. think a giraffe which can stroll from Marseille to Paris in 41 days, donning fashionable boots and a cape. think a giraffe that captures the eye of one hundred thousand spectators in Paris as she parades in the course of the urban, inspiring work, poetry, porcelain designs, or even an unique coiffure. think Belle, a present from the pasha of Egypt to the king of France in 1827, a giraffe who made historical past. This e-book offers Belle’s precise tale, instructed within the imagined phrases of her dedicated Sudanese caretaker, Atir, who observed her on her trip to Paris and stayed along with her until eventually her loss of life eighteen years later. Illustrated with artifacts and work from the 19th century and with Jon Cannell’s jaunty art, Belle’s striking tale either captivates and informs. An author’s observe and pronunciation consultant are integrated.

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