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By Charles Landon

The writer writes within the culture of C.H. Turner, G.D. Kilpatrick and J.K. Elliott, and makes an attempt a reconstruction of the Greek textual content of Jude based on the reason of thoroughgoing eclecticism. The goals of his learn are to use an eclectic method of the answer of textual difficulties in Jude, and to figure out the level to which the textual content of Jude released within the United Bible Societies' Greek New testomony (GNT4) is a fabricated from the eclectic excellent. during this paintings, eclecticism is outlined intimately, differences being made among eclectic generalism, rational feedback, and thoroughgoing eclecticism. each one of ninety five edition devices is analysed separately and the gear supplied for every unit exhibits as a lot version as attainable in a compact form.

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The omission could also be accidental. With no intrinsic or transcriptional arguments against our remaining reading m i eipf|vr|, the latter should be printed. 2 m i ayarcTi ^ 7 2 K A B K L P ¥ 049 om. KOU ayanr[ 88 181 The general preference of the writer for triadic illustration as a stylistic device and the specific use of triadic illustration in v. 26 Charles provides us with a comprehensive collection of most of the instances of triadic illustration in Jude: v. 1 'IOUSCXQ, Sov^oq, &8eX(po<; (the writer's self-designations) v.

495-97; and J. Weiss, Der erste Korintherbrief (Gottingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1970 [1910]), pp. 342-43, both regard 1 Cor. 33b-36 as a non-Pauline interpolation. These works are cited in Ellis, 'Silenced Wives', p. 213. 78. Ellis, 'Silenced Wives', pp. 213-18, defends 1 Cor. 34-35 thus: (1) the possible common source for 1 Cor. 34-35 and 1 Tim. 11-15 need not imply that 1 Cor. 34-35 is post-Pauline; (2) theological differences in New Testament documents need not be interpreted 'in terms of chronological distance'; (3) 1 Cor.

120 The GNT4 editors are therefore right to reject xfj<; fiaoiXeicu; oci)xoi) in *p46 K B. Liturgical Changes This canon states that we should prefer variants which resist liturgical forms and usages. Eclectic generalists incline at times towards overenthusiastic invocation of this canon. The argument that we should prefer a variant which avoids conformity to liturgical forms is often used by the UBS committee to justify excluding the word d^f|v from the closing doxology of a given canonical writer.

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