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By Brett Bernstein

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It is hand-written and has survived for over a thousand years. It boosts any character’s faith ability by two (2) points when read aloud for use in prayer. Four Leaf Clover Four leaf clovers are rare, so don’t expect a character to find one anytime soon. If one does, however, it provides him with four (4) extra points of luck. Once the / Fire allows characters to focus energies from all occurrences of flames, heat, or light. C faith (ability) setting specifics Shambalans Wood allows characters to focus energies from all living vegetation or their derivatives, such as trees, shrubs, weeds, and paper.

Vehicle stunts are usually a function of a pilot’s skill, although the vehicle’s abilties may also be a factor. Aiming The character attempts to aim a projectile weapon while steering the vehicle. This does not increase the difficulty, but at least one point of effort from fitness must be spent for this stunt. The collision risk is also present. C vehicle task risks 3 Vehicle risks require the use of Advanced Tasks. All standard risks previously listed may either be applied to the passengers or the vehicle itself.

Because of this, characters may expend endowment points to cancel out the use of endowment by other characters if their Some of the more powerful entities which endow humans with power in exchange for worship and favors are: Guardians are the monitors of the gateways between the realms. They oppose actions taken by or on behalf of the Shambalans and refuse to be worshiped, endowing mortals only when it suits their needs. Guides Guides often come to us in our dreams, offering advice and knowledge.

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