Download e-book for iPad: African Safari (The Barclay Family Adventures 2) by Ed Hanson

By Ed Hanson

ISBN-10: 156254800X

ISBN-13: 9781562548001

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It gave the Barclays a feeling of security they hadn’t had in the little canoes. Powered by a 90-horsepower outboard motor, the Wellcraft could zip along at high speed. It could also idle down to just a few miles per hour when necessary. As they headed upriver, Doug used his binoculars to scan the shoreline for wildlife. A few miles past the mouth of the Tutsi River, Doug turned into a large cove. He slowed the engine and pointed his finger. A small herd of cape buffaloes were on the shore about a half-mile up ahead.

Pam was thrilled. “Wow, that’s great news, Mom! ” she cried out. “I wouldn’t be so sure that you’re going to win, young lady,” Ann said. ” “There are really only three real competitors,” Pam corrected her mother. Ann couldn’t help feeling sorry for Aaron. She turned to her youngest son. “Don’t give up yet, honey. ” Three days later Ann picked up the photographs. At supper that evening she handed each person—except for Aaron—a thick envelope. His envelope was quite thin. Obviously, it contained far fewer photographs than the others.

Very funny,” Aaron grumbled. Sometime later the pilot called out, “Look! That’s the Zambezi up ahead. Your lodge is about 50 miles downriver from here. ” The little floatplane continued to follow the river downstream. The family marveled at the size of the river. In some places it was more than a mile across! Then the pilot spoke up again. “There’s quite a sight coming up on the right. Look! A big herd of elephants is crossing. ” Just a thousand feet over the river, the pilot banked the plane to the right.

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