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By Lydia Cabrera

ISBN-10: 0803215339

ISBN-13: 9780803215337

As a lot a storyteller as an ethnographer, Lydia Cabrera used to be captivated by means of an odd and magical new international published to her via her Afro-Cuban buddies in early twentieth-century Havana. In Afro-Cuban stories this international involves teeming lifestyles, introducing English-speaking readers to a realm of tenuous barriers among the traditional and the supernatural, deities and mortals, the non secular and the possible inanimate.Here readers will discover a shiny, imaginitive checklist of African tradition transplanted to Cuba and remodeled through the years, a passionate and subversive replacement to the dominant Western tradition of the Americas. during this charmed realm of fantasy and legend, innovative flights, and tough realities, Cabrera exhibits us an international became the other way up. during this area guinea hens could make dour Asturians and the king of Spain dance; little fats cooking pots could arrange their very own foodstuff; the pope can ship encyclicals approximately pumpkins; and officers will be defeated by means of the shrewdness of turtles. the 1st English translation of 1 of an important writers on African tradition within the Americas, the gathering presents a desirable view of the way African traditions, myths, tales, and religions traveled to the recent World—of how, of their stories, Africans within the Americas created a brand new international all their very own. (20050801)

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One day, pretending she had a toothache, she went straight to the bull and asked, with her voice that could a melt a stone, permission to go to the creek. There were lilies there, she said, that could give healing powers to the waters because they had bloomed after the full moon. Scarcely paying attention, the bull answered: “Very well, go ahead, Sanune. ” It’s true that Sanune wasn’t really subservient, but she was afraid. She hated the bull and couldn’t hide her hate any longer. Given her situation, she absolutely needed to be somewhere she could scream out her hate without anyone’s hearing, where she could safely threaten her enemy, and 9 Bregantino Bregantín where she could finally feel alone, totally alone and rebellious.

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