Aim And Fire (Room 59) by Cliff Ryder PDF

By Cliff Ryder

ISBN-10: 1426819544

ISBN-13: 9781426819544


A nuclear bomb has long past lacking. whilst Room fifty nine, a covert unit of the foreign Intelligence organization created to fi ght terrorist cells, intercepts a communiqué from U.S. Border Patrol agent Nathaniel Spencer. A recognized terrorist, considered useless, is again in company.


Tracy Wentworth is operating for the dept of place of birth safeguard whilst she's contacted by way of Room fifty nine for an within task. Aligned with Agent Spencer and sponsored up via Room 59's enormous assets, they're to evaluate and cast off the chance, utilizing any skill invaluable. yet as they delve deeper into Mexico's felony underworld, it quickly turns into transparent that somebody is making plans a big assault opposed to America…one that will render the whole state thoroughly defenseless!

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Tracy opened the door and slipped inside. Unlike the rest of the stark, gray-walled cubicles, which were only personalized with whatever an employee brought from home, Gilliam’s office was furnished well, if not plushly. Tracy always felt as if she were entering a bank officer’s workplace. The caramel-colored carpet was thick enough that she barely felt the concrete floor under her leather pumps, and the walls were actually paneled with a lightcolored wood. His desk wasn’t a standard-issue metaland-partical-board affair, either, but also made of wood—cherry, she thought.

He huddled in a hooded parka, hands in his pockets, shifting from one foot to the other to keep warm. His car, a four-wheel-drive Range Rover, was parked on the other side of the space. The sun was setting as the three men got out of their car, and Professor Shirazi hailed him with the traditional greeting. He reached out to shake Lashti’s hand, most likely to distract him from the other two men, who would then subdue him, Kate thought. She watched as Lashti extended his right hand to clasp Shirazi’s, and as he gripped it, Kate saw a puff of down feathers erupt from the left-hand pocket of his coat as he shot the Pakistani professor in the abdomen.

Small-minded career bureaucrats wielded their power like tyrants, rewarding loyal followers and punishing anyone they didn’t agree with almost at whim. In particular, there was a terrible lack of information flowing from the top officers down, which was, in Tracy’s and many other analysts’ opinions, crucial to effectively gathering intelligence to identify and stop threats to the nation. Personality clashes and conflicting interpretations of rules, regulations and even the DHS’s role in homeland security were everyday occurrences.

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