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This corpus-based learn of allusions within the British press indicates the diversity of goals newshounds allude to - from Shakespeare to television soaps, from Jane Austen to Hillary Clinton, from hymns to nursery rhymes, proverbs and riddles. It analyzes the linguistic varieties allusions take and demonstrates how allusions functionality meaningfully in discourse. It explores the character of the historical past cultural and intertextual wisdom allusions call for of readers and units out the processing phases eager about figuring out an allusion. Allusion is built-in into latest theories of oblique language and associated with idioms, wordplay and metaphor.

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Verbatim reproduc- 20 Introduction tion). The criterion can be relaxed so that two or three word combinations from the poem are compared with collocations of the same words in the Bible, allowing for permutations of order and separation by, say, two intervening words. The matching procedure can also be applied to specific areas of the Bible to localise allusions a poem may make. In identifying allusions in newspapers, however, it is essential to mimic the conditions of newspaper reading to test for allusion, at very least so that typographic factors are not ignored, nor visual material which may accompany an allusion.

This is what is meant by schema induction since although part of schematised knowedge for “port” is that it is a refuge, this feature is not part of normal schematised knowledge for frying pans. This transfer of meaning is facilitated by the fact that the respective schemata for “fire” and “storm” share a common feature: both are stereotypical manifestations of natural disaster. In other words, the technique of lexical substitution, which occurs so frequently in allusion, is a means of schema induction.

Lemke (1985: 291) distinguished a scale from weakly foregrounded intertextual relations of register (Reid 1956), which depend solely on thematic (multivariate) links between texts, to more strongly foregrounded forms, which also depend on explicit (covariate) links, a highly explicit link being the device of academic citation, mentioned above, which identifies a single source. The fake quotation fails to establish an intertextual relation because co-variate relations are lacking. The successful allusion establishes an intertextual relation in the absence of explicit multivariate relations.

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