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The base phalange is least likely to be the longest. If it is, it shows that the person has a materialistic approach to life with little feeling for beauty and aesthetic values. These people will want to achieve success in the material world and then surround themselves with extravagant clothes and possessions to make a good show. The emphasis is on comfort and pleasure. 43 THE SATURN FINGER 2. The Saturn finger The second finger is known as the Saturn finger. It governs common sense, restrictions and restraint.

Someone with this line will pay attention to health matters when necessary and will easily outlive most of his of her contemporaries. A Health line that varies in quality indicates periods of ill-health. This need not be a specific illness. The person may simply have periods of poor health. If the health line has islands on it, or is faint and indistinct, it is a sign of health problems. Usually, these can be timed by looking at the 31 quality of the Life Line. Islands can be an indication of problems with the digestive system.

If this mount is undeveloped, the person is likely to be impractical and insincere. This individual could use his or her gifts of verbal expression to deceive others. An undeveloped Mount of Mercury is often found in the hands of con artists. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the person is dishonest. An undeveloped mount can mean someone with lots of thoughts and grand schemes, but no motivation to achieve them. It’s common for this mount to be sited towards the Apollo finger. This means the person has a cheerful, less serious approach towards life.

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