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By Craig Shaw Gardner

ISBN-10: 044122363X

ISBN-13: 9780441223633

Verse the second one within the Ballad of which an uninformed apprentice learns what comes after "Once upon a time..."

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The truth, though, left something to be desired. The hideously garbed creature smiled with even more teeth than a creature like that should have, and sauntered toward the lad. Wuntvor decided that what he mostly wished at this precise moment was that the large fellow he had so recently spoken with had been more specific in his details of the danger’s exact nature, so that Wuntvor might be currently pursuing his adventures in an entirely different location from where he was at present. The creature pointed at Wuntvor.

One minute, the heavily muscled demon was flying through the air, straight toward the old lady. Just as his sharp and deadly claws were about to reach Mother Duck, however, the demon somehow managed to perform a complete somersault in midair and land on his back in the mud at the river’s edge. ” Mother Duck murmured. “I could eat demons like you for lunch. ” A chill ran through my frame as I remembered the true severity of our situation. Not only were we prisoners of this woman, but Mother Duck had already allied herself with the evil forces of the Netherhells, a demonic horde who wished to control the surface world for their own foul purposes.

The lad insisted angrily. ” The creature shook its head sadly, reaching within its robes with its free hand to draw out a knife and fork. “Perhaps that sort of thing happens wherever you come from,” it answered as it scanned the sheaf of parchments. “I do remember seeing that answer somewhere. ’ I’m afraid though, that it’s the answer to another riddle entirely. ” Wuntvor repeated. The creature nodded triumphantly. ” It paused, waiting for some sign of recognition from the traveler. ” it prompted at last.

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