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Page 39 Biggles went down to them, and a glance was sufficient to reveal that one of them at least had been dead for some days. The body had not decomposed, but had merely been shrivelled up like a mummy by the relentless sun. The other looked as if death had only recently overtaken him, and the cause was in plain view. Under the foot of a rock a hole had been scooped. The bottom, rather darker than the surrounding sand, still showed finger—marks, as if the last act of the wretched Arab had been to strive to reach the liquid that lay below.

The Arab was recovering his strength, but he now sank back exhausted by his effort. "As you say, 0 Zahar, it was as God willed," answered Biggles. He turned to Ginger. " As Ginger went off Biggles turned again to Zahar. " "There was but little, and we collected it with much labour," answered Zahar. "The Arabs who were here had used most of it. They had used it for their fires and their camels had for long browsed on it. " "And what of the seeds? " asked Biggles. " enquired Biggles. The Arab hesitated.

Norman chuckled. " "I see," said Biggles slowly, his eyes on Norman's face. " "That's only rumour, so don't take my word for it," replied Norman. "Honey is a profitable line so long as you don't get caught with it. Fortunes have been made out of it, and are still being made, in spite of the Government's efforts to stop it. But what hope has the Government got when half the population of the Middle East uses it ? " Biggles stroked his chin. "Hm. " "Could be," agreed Norman. "Hamud might be a carrier for him in his spare time.

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