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Heard submarine hammering, squeaking, straining, running intermittently, apparently with great difficulty and for short periods. 6. The second depth charge of this attack threw into the air a cylindrical black object 50 to 60 feet; about the size of a depth charge. Seen by commanding officer and others on S. C. 41 and several men on S. C. 137. htm (42 of 50)7/19/2006 21:40:09 Antisubmarine Information ONI Publication No. 14 7. Wake again appeared 200 yards away. Ordered S. C. 258 to attack. No further result.

Strange tapping sound heard on tube from two sources. It had a regular beat and was perfectly flat and nonmetallic. " 3. The chase was slowed up considerably by interference from destroyers bearing about 45°, which explains the long time between runs. 4. 30 were seen in directions different from those of the sound we were tracking. There was no evidence of these particular whales until our depth charges brought them to the surface. 5. The chase is an excellent example of the complications which the difference of opinion among listeners may raise.

6. The attack was made in accordance with doctrine, except that only two depth charges were dropped, this being done in view of the differences in opinion among listeners and with the idea of discovering what was making the sound. Had there been a submarine present there is every reason to believe that we would have regained sound contact. It is, therefore concluded that the sound was made by the whales. --(a) That the sound made by whales is very similar to that made by a submarine, and that care must be taken by commanding officers and listeners not to mistake the sound made by whales for a submarine.

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