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By Paul F. Bradshaw

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Rordorf, "L'ordination," 145-50. Matthew Black, "The Doctrine of the Ministry," ExpT63 (1952) 114-15. 1-5 was nevertheless they who performed the first imposition of hands as a sign of their consent. 28 A further possible explanation for the apparent double imposition of hands could be that what we have here is a fusion of two sets of directives, one that merely prescribed the collective imposition of hands in silence, and another that enjoined that one minister alone should impose his hand and recite an ordination prayer.

Make shine and pour out understanding and the grace that is from your princely Spirit, which you delivered to your beloved Son Jesus Christ .... Knower of the hearts of all,9 bestow on this your servant, whom you have chosen for the episcopate, [to feed] your holy [flock] and to serve as high priest for you blamelessly, ministering night and day; unceasingly to propitiate your countenance, and to offer to you the gifts of your holy church; and by the high priestly spirit to have authority to forgive sins according to your command,; to assign lots according to your bidding, to loose every bond according to the authority that you gave to the apostles) to please you in gentleness and a pure heart, offering to you a sweet-smelling savor;k through your Child Jesus Christ our Lord, with whom [be] glory, power, honor to you, with the Holy Spirit, now and always and to the ages of ages.

All will be silent together and pray in their heart that the Holy Spirit come down upon him. And they ask one of the bishops, and with everyone standing, he lays his hand on the one being ordained bishop and prays over him thus. Each one of the bishops is to pray, and every one of them, as they stand, is to place a hand on him who is to be ordained bishop. 20 First, then, I Peter say, as we all together have appointed above: a bishop to be ordained [is to be] in all things blameless, the best, elected by all the people.

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