Arctic Gold (Stephen Coonts' Deep Black, Book 7) by Stephen Coonts, William H. Keith Jr. PDF

By Stephen Coonts, William H. Keith Jr.

ISBN-10: 0312946953

ISBN-13: 9780312946951

Within the Arctic, American intelligence operatives are abducted whereas investigating Russian submarines—a consistent, covert presence underneath the ice caps. In Washington, ex-Marine Charlie Dean and his crew at table 3 hint the kidnapping again to the Russian mafiya, who've their points of interest set at the mammoth reserves of oil that lie millions of toes lower than the ocean’s floor.

While Dean is distributed to the Arctic to rescue the hostages, the gorgeous Lia DeFrancesca penetrates a seriously guarded dacha at the beaches of the Black Sea. right here she learns the explosive fact approximately Russia and its Arctic oil—one which may rate Dean and his Deep Black staff their lives…and force the world’s superpowers to the edge of conflict.

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