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By M. Zuehlke

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But first they would have to find their way through a maze of obstacles that extended about 1,200 yards from shore. Farthest out were rows of concrete and wooden poles braced by logs or steel rails. This created an obstacle six feet high. Behind this, lines of pyramid-shaped barriers marched in rows back onto the beach. These obstacles were made by bolting three concrete, steel or wooden bars together. Scattered in their midst were hedgehogs—sections of angle iron bolted together to form an X shape.

But the remaining engines were too gutless to pull the Sherman out of the mushy sand. Although stranded, they decided to stay with the tank. They would fight as long as possible. CHAPTER SEVEN “Our engines are wide open, and we’ll take you in as far as we can,” the commander of the LCAs carrying the Royal Winnipegs shouted in Major Fulton’s ear, as a constant spray of bullets rattled the hull. Fulton was reminded of hailstones hammering the tin roof of a prairie shack back home. He and the others in the front stepped closer to the ramp.

Or perhaps it was an instinctive shrinking away from what was about to happen. With a shriek of chains the ramp fell. Fulton took one great charging stride. He expected water no deeper than his boot tops. Instead, he plunged into icy water up to his waist. Fulton nearly sprawled face-first. Behind him the LCA was high and dry. It was hung up on a shoal that the naval commander had mistaken for the beach. ‘D’ Company’s headquarters section was hot on his tail. Fulton was trying to sprint. But the weight of equipment and drag of water slowed him to an old man’s shuffle.

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