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It is also important to note that if the correlation time is large, the correlations 2 is in the ISIs can have an appreciable effect on the FN even if l l+n − small for all n = 0 because many terms will contribute. This makes the comparison between FN and C2V a very sensitive test for the renewal property. Alternatively, one could argue that calculations of FN which rely on the renewal property almost certainly will not apply to experimental data. 5 Sensitivity of CV2 to Serial Correlations In the section on renewal processes with varying rate, we introduced the measure CV2 as an estimate for the intrinsic variability in the spiking.

Neural Networks 14:877–881 Reich DS, Victor JD, Knight BW (1998) The power ratio and the interval map: spiking models and extracellular recordings. J Neurosci 18:10090–10104 Richmond BJ, Optican LM, Spitzer H (1990) Temporal encoding of two-dimensional patterns by single units in primate primary visual cortex. I. Stimulus-response relations. J Neurophysiol 64:351–369 Rieke F, Warland D, de Ruyter van Steveninck R, Bialek W (1997) Spikes: exploring the neural code. MIT Press, Cambridge Rudemo M (1982) Empirical choice of histograms and kernel density estimators.

XN −1 , where Xi = ti+1 − ti . Repeated and independent observations j result in an ensemble of k independent spike trains, each with a spike count N j . , in fixed temporal relation to a sensory stimulus presentation). , recorded during sleep or under spontaneous conditions) into subsequent, nonoverlapping observation windows of equal length. In this section we assume the repeated observation of a spiking process that has a constant spike rate, and we assume that the constant firing rate is identical in each trial.

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