Download PDF by Marguerite Sechehaye, Grace Rubin-Rabson, Frank Conroy: Autobiography of a Schizophrenic Girl

By Marguerite Sechehaye, Grace Rubin-Rabson, Frank Conroy

ISBN-10: 0451161750

ISBN-13: 9780451161758

The narrator of this booklet is termed Renee. Her final identify isn't printed, nor are many different situations of her lifestyles. what's printed, in spite of the fact that, is much more odd, way more remarkable. In excellent, nearly painfully bright language, Renee has printed her trip into the depths of schizophrenia, and her step by step go back to sanity. In doing so, she has created a human record with no peer within the literature of insanity.

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When we were not engaged in treatment, I asked a friend to play or to talk to me. But despite the play and the conversation, I could not get back to reality. Everything looked artificial, mechanical, electric. To get rid of it I tried to rouse myself. I laughed, I jumped, I pushed things around, shook them to make them come ribly painful to life. These were hor- moments. 31 AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SCHIZOPHRENIC GIRL- How relieved I was when things remained customary framework, when people were alive and normal and especially when I had contact with them!

42- I Go into Psychoanalysis and Find a n Mama The first two years of analysis were combatting the Fear and the En- was a titanic strugin the face and disabled was weak and of what I called the "Land of Light/' During the earliest attacks of Fear and an gle lightenment. " Alas, I did not know what I was saying. In my ignorance I believed that madness was a state of insensibility where there was neither pain nor suffering nor joy, but particularly, no responsibility. Never, not for an instant, had I even imagined what "to lose one's reason" 43 ' AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SCHIZOPHRENIC GIRL- actually meant.

It was a torment. There were two or three girls, ten years or so older than I, whom I used to see each week. They complained that I was clinging and demanding, for when one of them suggested an hour's walk, at the 35 AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SCHIZOPHRENIC GIRL- moment implored her to stay with me come back with me. " These incessant protests made me seem ungrateful and insistent, but they were due to the unreal state I was in. During the visit I tried to establish contact with her, to feel that she was of parting I for a little while, to actually there, alive and sensitive.

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